Solve environmental and societal challenges

We harness creativity to build a more sustainable world.

Green Record cultivates the exchange of ideas between students and organisations through online competitions, in order to solve environmental and societal challenges. You can start contributing to a more sustainable world today!

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PPL-PWR Sustainability Challenge



Accelerating London's transformation into a smart city



Accelerating Solar Energy Investments Using Open Data



UCL Academy Intercultural Interaction


UCL Academy and UCL Grand Challenges

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Brazil Conference at Harvard/MIT

UCL Sustainability Challenge


UCL Green Economy Society

Our Mission

Cultivate the exchange of ideas between students and organisations to solve environmental and societal challenges.

Our Values

i) We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs;

ii) We are dedicated to working towards a more sustainable environment;

iii) We really love what we do;

iv) For us, partnership means commitment to delivering on time and respecting everyone's differences;

v) Open dialogue is a core part of the way we do business.

Our Team

Bruno Arcuri


Electrical engineer who has worked on power plant projects for three years and was Mapptip's Co-Founder and CEO. Mapptip won a prize at the Innovative Ideas Contest offered by FAPESB in Brazil, December 2014. His interests are energy engineering, startups and triathlon. He holds a MRes in Energy Demand Studies at UCL and was awarded with a Chevening Scholarship.

Julio Viana


Economist with an MBA in Financial Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He worked for 4 years in the finance department of Anglo American in Brazil. He specialises in Financial Modelling and Investment Appraisals and is passionate about entrepreneurship, economics and photography. He holds a MSc in International Political Economy at LSE and was awarded with a Chevening Scholarship.

Ambuj Agrawal


A full stack developer with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Electronics from University of Bristol. He specialises in innovation, software development and business strategy. He holds a MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial College London and was the President at Imperial College Entrepreneurship Club.